Windows CE support

Chris Faylor
Sat Mar 27 20:03:00 GMT 1999

It wouldn't be easy.  There are *a lot* of API limitations in Windows
CE.  Cygwin uses a lot of the functions that aren't available on
Windows CE.

Incidentally, FYI, your email was strangely formatted.  There were
no line breaks.


On Sun, Mar 28, 1999 at 04:00:00AM -0000, wrote:
>I'd like to tackle the problem of making "our" nifty Unix paradigm
>available to those who want to write code on "HPC Pro" Windows CE
>devices.  These mini-notebooks are full-fledged computers in my mind
>and could be very handy as development platforms for those of us who
>need to write programs and compile tools for our portable needs *while*
>staying mobile.  For example, I'd like to have VIM for mine...  which
>presupposes a curses package for the CMD tool as well as something to
>compile the code.  I'd also like to use Apache to host a mini web site
>over CDPD (, BTW the Sierra Wireless AirCard 300 is very
>cool)...  Yes the GoAhead server or something else could be used, but
>why reinvent the wheel??
>I've not taken a close look at the SDK, but I've gathered that the API
>is Unicode only-- what ramifications does this have?  Is this whole
>idea a nutty thing to undertake?  Why/not?
>What about targeting multiple processors?  (Has Cygwin addressed the
>Alpha/NT combo?  BTW I was able to run one of my multithreaded
>financial statistics programs on a 21264 box under Digital UNIX
>recently-- it was about 85% as fast as a 6CPU Sun E4500! Not bad for a
>4CPU handicap, and at about 1/6th the cost!)
>Thanks, John


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