setup + directories

Mo DeJong
Thu Apr 13 12:50:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Chris Faylor wrote:

Why not just rm -rf C:\Cygwin instead of playing around with individual
files and directories?

> I added code in the uninstall phase to detect directories and for good measure
> added things like bin\cygwin.bat, \tmp, \usr\local, \usr\local\lib, and \usr\local\bin
> to the list of directories which uninst will try to remove.


> I also added /usr/local/bin to the path, as Mo suggested.

There is yet another HUGE problem with the uninstall script. It is TOO
easy to use. I start bash up a lot using the windows menu, and I
accidently clicked the uninstall menu option when I just wanted to start
a shell. This one simple click in the wrong spot uninstalled cygwin
from my box (Yeouch). We need to add something like this to
the top of the uninstall bat.

The following script will completely uninstall Cygwin from your machine.
If you would like to continue please type "yes" at the prompt:

(they should be forced to actually type "yes" and hit enter to continue)

Another option is to add an entry to the standard Windows list
of programs (the one you can access from Add/Remove Programs).
If the uninstall .bat file was launched from there, I think that
would be the best approach, but I have no idea how much work
that would be.

Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc.

> The uninstall is still not really robust.  If the tar file does not actually
> create the directory, uninst does not try to remove it.  It would be nice
> to add the intermediate parts of the directory to the list of directories
> to be deleted if something like /usr/foo/bar/blaz was extracted and
> /usr/foo and /usr/foo/bar did not exist prior to the extraction.
> But that's for later, I think.
> cgf

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