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Parker, Ron
Thu Apr 13 14:22:00 GMT 2000

> From: Mo DeJong [ ]

> Why not just rm -rf C:\Cygwin instead of playing around with 
> individual
> files and directories?

Ouch!  Uh, some users may have directies and other things in here that they
would not want removed when doing and uninstall-reinstall sequence.  The
/home/poor-user-with-deleted-files comes to mind immediately.

> There is yet another HUGE problem with the uninstall script. It is TOO
> easy to use. I start bash up a lot using the windows menu, and I
> accidently clicked the uninstall menu option when I just 
> wanted to start
> a shell. This one simple click in the wrong spot uninstalled cygwin
> from my box (Yeouch). We need to add something like this to
> the top of the uninstall bat.
> The following script will completely uninstall Cygwin from 
> your machine.
> If you would like to continue please type "yes" at the prompt:
> (they should be forced to actually type "yes" and hit enter 
> to continue)

I wouldn't call it HUGE, but adding a few appropriate echos and a pause
statement should suffice.  I will do this tonight.

> Another option is to add an entry to the standard Windows list
> of programs (the one you can access from Add/Remove Programs).
> If the uninstall .bat file was launched from there, I think that
> would be the best approach, but I have no idea how much work
> that would be.

Time allowing before the release, I could possibly implement this with
regtool as DJ previously suggested.
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