cygwin mailing list bleed-over

Mo DeJong
Mon Apr 17 00:42:00 GMT 2000

Ok, now I getting frustrated. When I first signed up for
cygwin-developers I thought, here is a list where I can
post "developer" type questions about cygwin without
getting a lot of newbie answers.

After a couple of postings, I started getting responses like,
"That is not directly related to the cygwin dll, please post
it to cygwin@sourceware instead".

Then after posting questions to cygwin@sourceware, I got
responses like "Please don't discuss the net release
anywhere but cygwin-developers".

This is incredibly frustrating. I am only helping out with
this net release because I want to make sure that
"the average joe" can at least sit down and install cygwin
and get a bash shell running. It should not be this difficult
to just find out what mailing list to post a question to!
Under the current approach, there seem to be questions that
are not allowed on either list!

(sorry about the rant but it needed to be said)
Mo Dejong
Red Hat Inc.

On Sun, 16 Apr 2000, Chris Faylor wrote:

> I would appreciate it if people would try to keep the bleed-over from
> the cygwin-developers list to the cygwin mailing list at a minimum.
> If we start routinely Cc'ing the cygwin mailing list or routinely discussing
> issues that are being actively discussed here then we might as well just
> have one list.
> We had this list set up so that we could converse amongst an exclusive group
> of people without having to fend off questions or observations from less
> experienced users.  Please keep this fact in mind before you decide on
> divulging something that you learned here on the cygwin mailing list.
> cgf

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