cygwin mailing list bleed-over

Chris Faylor
Mon Apr 17 17:03:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, Apr 17, 2000 at 12:42:19AM -0700, Mo DeJong wrote:
>Ok, now I getting frustrated.  When I first signed up for
>cygwin-developers I thought, here is a list where I can post
>"developer" type questions about cygwin without getting a lot of newbie
>After a couple of postings, I started getting responses like, "That is
>not directly related to the cygwin dll, please post it to
>cygwin@sourceware instead".
>Then after posting questions to cygwin@sourceware, I got responses like
>"Please don't discuss the net release anywhere but cygwin-developers".

Which was followed by an apology after I realized that a lot of other
people were doing this too.

However, since you brought it up, what concerned me about your post to
the cygwin mailing list was that you referred to *using* the "new
release".  That is different than mentioning that a new release is
coming.  It is apt to lead people into thinking that there is something
for them to download which can easily generate confusion.

In general, I would like people just to consider the confusion factor.
If you are going to casually mention something on the cygwin mailing
list that is really only common knowledge on cygwin-developers you're
apt to confuse people.

I was just asking that everybody think twice before moving a discussion
from cygwin-developers to cygwin.

You seem to have taken this personally, but I was really reacting to a
few months worth of incidents.  I've seen posts that paraphrase,
incorrectly, discussion that has gone on here.  I've seen posts that
Cc'ed cygwin-developers and cygwin.

Again, it's not a tremendously big deal but I would very much like to
keep this mailing list a clueful zone.  If there is a lot of traffic
back and forth between cygwin and cygwin-developers I don't think that
it is likely to continue to be the case.


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