How to find out if something has changed in the latest directory

DJ Delorie
Thu Apr 20 06:19:00 GMT 2000

> Also the cygwin directory has changed and also tcltk.

I changed the directory permissions, not the contents.

> After browsing the list I did not find any clue to a new cygwin
> version and perhaps a clue that only the md5.sum was regenerated.

Cygwin was not updated.

> In the past I also found out that sometimes files in the 485-snapshot
> subdirectories changed in size but the directory itself kept the old
> date. 

Yup, that's the Unix way.

> This does not make it easy to quickly find out if a file has changed.

File name and time stamp are the way.

> Perhaps an information could be posted to cygwin-announce (or cygwin)
> everytime that something has changed in the distribution. If posting a

It is!  Nothing changed!

> Perhaps a small script could be used to make sure that the
> directory-date reflects the date of the newest file in a subdirectory.

Hmmm, interesting idea, but I wonder what it would do to the mirror

> Invent version numbers! Files could be named like that:
> bash-2.03-1-cygwin-bin.tar.gz

Gee, WE DO THAT.  It was discussed long ago, and we all agreed to use
that system, and we do.  Or, at least, we will for all new releases;
the ones from the cdrom don't really have version numbers.

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