How to find out if something has changed in the latest directory

Michael Ring
Thu Apr 20 09:39:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000 09:19:06 -0400, you wrote:

>> Also the cygwin directory has changed and also tcltk.
>I changed the directory permissions, not the contents.
>> After browsing the list I did not find any clue to a new cygwin
>> version and perhaps a clue that only the md5.sum was regenerated.
>Cygwin was not updated.

unfortunetely the timestamp changed...

>> In the past I also found out that sometimes files in the 485-snapshot
>> subdirectories changed in size but the directory itself kept the old
>> date. 
>Yup, that's the Unix way.

Yep, I know... So something like first deleting the existing file and
then putting the new file in place should do the job

>> This does not make it easy to quickly find out if a file has changed.
>File name and time stamp are the way.

The problem is that you first need to change in the directory to find
out if something has changed. Is is not very funny to change into 20
directories just to find out that nothing has changed. Please have a
look at (and many other sites) to see what I mean.

>> Perhaps an information could be posted to cygwin-announce (or cygwin)
>> everytime that something has changed in the distribution. If posting a
>It is!  Nothing changed!

Yeah, you are right ;-)

>> Perhaps a small script could be used to make sure that the
>> directory-date reflects the date of the newest file in a subdirectory.
>Hmmm, interesting idea, but I wonder what it would do to the mirror

I think it should do no harm (except perhaps for the first time that
the script is run) because directory dates should only change whwn

>> Invent version numbers! Files could be named like that:
>> bash-2.03-1-cygwin-bin.tar.gz
>Gee, WE DO THAT.  It was discussed long ago, and we all agreed to use
>that system, and we do.  Or, at least, we will for all new releases;
>the ones from the cdrom don't really have version numbers.

Aehm... where is the version number in bash.tar.gz ???

I have never looked that deep into setup.exe but how will this tool
find out if something is new? I could not find any file with version
info or md5-sums in it ??!!

Or is there no plan to do incremental update with the current version
of setup.exe ?

Don't get me wrong - I love the work you are doing, your tools have
helped me out in 1000 problems, I would only like them to get even
better and easier to use for a 'dummy' user.

Michael Ring

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