How to find out if something has changed in the latest directory

DJ Delorie
Thu Apr 20 10:19:00 GMT 2000

> The problem is that you first need to change in the directory to find
> out if something has changed. Is is not very funny to change into 20
> directories just to find out that nothing has changed. Please have a
> look at (and many other sites) to see what I mean.

The problem with the other way is that it gets messy fast.  DJGPP does
it that way, and it's messy.

Separate directories also allows us to set different ownerships on
each directory, so allow us greater flexibility in assigning
maintainership roles.

> >the ones from the cdrom don't really have version numbers.
> Aehm... where is the version number in bash.tar.gz ???

The ones from the cdrom don't really have version numbers.

bash.tar.gz doesn't have a version number, so it must be from the cdrom.

The *next* release of bash will have a version number in the name.

> I have never looked that deep into setup.exe but how will this tool
> find out if something is new? I could not find any file with version
> info or md5-sums in it ??!!

It uses the filenames only.

> Or is there no plan to do incremental update with the current version
> of setup.exe ?

The current version is for new installs only.  Hopefully, by the time
incremental updates are needed, setup will support them.

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