symblinks problem

Jeffrey Juliano
Wed Apr 26 08:13:00 GMT 2000

> > [1] Obviously, the FAQ hasn't been updated yet.
> We have a new FAQ maintainer, who hopefully will be updating the FAQ
> shortly.  Updating the FAQ right after a new release is difficult.

Just to make sure I didn't come off the wrong way... I realize updating
the FAQ can take a bit of time.  Which is why I wanted to point out that
if you are ready to start taking maintainer volunteers, then you might
want to announce that before the FAQ is ready.  And I don't mean to
criticize that the new FAQ isn't out yet.

When you are ready to start taking more contributors, may I suggest adding
the following text to

> Choose something else, like vi (vim), xemacs, lynx, or any other
> useful package with a suitable copyright (gpl or bsd, for example).
> What about nethack, gnuchess, or doom?  You could also join the
> development teams for core packages (like binutils, or bash) and test
> the development snapshots, so that when they're released they "just
> work".
> There's lots of ways users can participate.  All you have to do is
> find something you like that you feel comfortable working on.

Again, I realize that it takes time to update web pages, but to me that
page seems to be written with only "contributing to cygwin dll" in mind.
Of course, the "What needs doing" section seems to imply that a rewrite of
the page is in the works.


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