symblinks problem

Chris Faylor
Wed Apr 26 12:37:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 11:13:40AM -0400, Jeffrey Juliano wrote:
>> > [1] Obviously, the FAQ hasn't been updated yet.
>> We have a new FAQ maintainer, who hopefully will be updating the FAQ
>> shortly.  Updating the FAQ right after a new release is difficult.
>Just to make sure I didn't come off the wrong way... I realize updating
>the FAQ can take a bit of time.  Which is why I wanted to point out that
>if you are ready to start taking maintainer volunteers, then you might
>want to announce that before the FAQ is ready.  And I don't mean to
>criticize that the new FAQ isn't out yet.

One of the problems with signing up maintainers is that it is a somewhat
time consuming process.  It requires setting up ssh/cvs on your machine,
filling out a form, and getting sysadmins involved.  We're going to have
to automate this process.

However, I have privately approached a few people about being package
maintainers when I see someone showing an interest on the cygwin or
cygwin-developers mailing list.  I have a couple people in various stages
of setup now.  When they seem to be ready to go, I'll be announcing their
new roles.

I have asked for a new "cygwin-apps" mailing list to be set up so that
this kind of thing can be discussed there.  For now, it will be handled
the same way as cygwin-developers with each subscription requiring
approval and only subscribers capable of posting.


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