setup issues

DJ Delorie
Wed Apr 26 21:08:00 GMT 2000

> I think that we will always have issues with proxies, firewalls, etc.
> setup.exe goes out of its way to do the right thing with these but
> if the system is misconfigured in some way, it will still fail.

If so, they can't visit the web site or download setup.exe either.  We
must be doing something different than IE if IE can see out but
setup.exe can't.  It's a bug.

> I think the simplest workaround for this would be to rename all of the
> binary .tar.gz files, from foo.tar.gz to foo-bin.tar.gz.  I assume that
> most ftp clients would be able to do something like mget */*-bin.tar.gz

That won't work if we store multiple versions, which I think we should
allow for.  Better, a separate subdir of symbolic links of "everything
you need", that setup either uses or knows to ignore.

> Then, when someone has a problem we just have to tell them to download
> setup.exe and all of the above files and then run setup.

The behemoth setup.exe (full.exe?) is a better idea.  We just have to
automate building it (a setup.exe option? ;)

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