setup issues

Earnie Boyd
Thu Apr 27 04:52:00 GMT 2000

--- DJ Delorie <> wrote:
> That won't work if we store multiple versions, which I think we should
> allow for.  Better, a separate subdir of symbolic links of "everything
> you need", that setup either uses or knows to ignore.

I like this option.  The symbolic link then would need to be updated with the
most current stable version.

> > Then, when someone has a problem we just have to tell them to download
> > setup.exe and all of the above files and then run setup.
> The behemoth setup.exe (full.exe?) is a better idea.  We just have to
> automate building it (a setup.exe option? ;)

Maybe.  I've real mixed feelings on this.  Hmm... full.exe could be a
"self-extracting" zip file.  Then the use would execute full followed by an
execution of setup.  Uhm, rather than full.exe how about user-tools and
dev-tools.  I've always thought that the full, and user-tools was confusing. 
With user-tools and dev-tools you'ld have to get both to have the whole


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