setup.exe questions

Parker, Ron
Mon Feb 28 15:20:00 GMT 2000

I want the setup program to be able to automatically download the packages
from the next net release, even if the user is behind an authenticating
firewall, like the PoS we have here at work. So I need a networking package
that can talk SSL etc. to a firewall. I get the chills thinking about trying
to port ssleay and similar things to mingw. Has this been done or is there a
suitable wininet.h for use with mingw?  If not I suppose I will piece one,
or part of one, together. (If I do, I know I cannot look at the MS headers.
Are there other sources of information I should avoid, MSDN for example?)

BTW, I have the compression code in the setup program. This has eliminated
the self-extractor and reduced the size of setup.exe from 417K to 337K. (I
know I said I would do this later, rather than sooner, but I got tired of
messing with the self-extractor.) I hope to upload this later this evening.
Our SOCKS proxy at work is not talking to my FTP client.

I am now adding some intelligence to the application. The user will be able
to chose a "Default User", "Default Developer" or "Custom" installation. The
"Default" installs are going to be "idiot-proof", by which I mean you can
specify the root directory and that is it. All the other settings will be

I saw that DJ said that c:\cygwin was the default root directory and that
the default prefix was /usr. I don't have the CYGWIN CD so I can not check
it. What should the defaults be for the CYGWIN, TERM, MAKE_MODE, etc.? Also,
what makes sense for a default HOME under Win9x?

Should the root mount default to binary or text mode? I prefer binary but I
am open to suggestions. I am not trying to start another binary vs. text
jihad. :) BTW, I intend to make a slight modification to the default root
directory so that it is \cygwin on the drive that contains the OS. I think
that makes sense for those that multiboot.

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