setup.exe questions

DJ Delorie
Mon Feb 28 15:38:00 GMT 2000

> I want the setup program to be able to automatically download the packages
> from the next net release,


> even if the user is behind an authenticating
> firewall,

Oooo, that throws a monkey wrench into it.

> Has this been done ?

I would think that if you can use IE to view pages outside the
firewall, you should be able to use those same DLLs and configuration
to download *any* file from your application.  I have no idea how to
do this, of course, but it's one of those things MS keeps touting as

> BTW, I have the compression code in the setup program.

Good.  Can it auto-detect gzip vs bzip vs uncompressed, and tar vs

> I saw that DJ said that c:\cygwin was the default root directory and that
> the default prefix was /usr. I don't have the CYGWIN CD so I can not check
> it. What should the defaults be for the CYGWIN, TERM, MAKE_MODE, etc.? Also,
> what makes sense for a default HOME under Win9x?

My suggestions:

MAKE_MODE = "unix" (since we're providing the unix shell and utils)
HOME = "/home"  (or "/dj" for me under NT)  I'm not a big supporter of what
	MS calls a "home directory", but this is one of those things
	where you could prompt the user for one, with a suitable default

TERM, I think, should be "cygwin" although mine is "linux" :-(

> Should the root mount default to binary or text mode?

I use text mode to enhance interaction with other utilities, but I
mount my shares binary so when I save files there I can use the unix
tools on them.  I also think that binary mounts hide compatibility
problems that we really should fix.  I'm a big fan of making little
problems into big problems so they get solved instead of forgotten.

> BTW, I intend to make a slight modification to the default root
> directory so that it is \cygwin on the drive that contains the OS. I
> think that makes sense for those that multiboot.

Yeah, that's what I meant.

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