Automatic Drive Mapping

Jason Tishler
Wed Jun 21 05:42:00 GMT 2000

Jason Tishler wrote:
> When I first tried this (about a month ago), I seemed to have problems
> with Sun's javac and/or Microsoft's cl complaining about UNC paths not
> being supported for the the current directory.  When I tried to reproduce
> the problem today, I can only get cmd to fail.  But, who cares about cmd
> anyway?

It appears after more head scratching (not banging), I am able to
reproduce the problem that Sun's javac cannot deal with UNC style

    $ mount
    Device              Directory           Type         Flags
    K:\jdk1.2.2         /usr/java           system       binmode
    $ javac 
    $ umount -s /usr/java
    $ mount -s -b //cancerman/apps/jdk1.2.2 /usr/java
    $ javac 
    java.lang.Error: Fatal: Resource for javac is missing

The point of the above is to demonstrate that there is at least one
important (IMO) native Win32 app that cannot deal with UNC style paths.

Hence, I feel that my initial proposal is still valid.  I would like
my environment to be identical (or at least as much as possible or
reasonable) regardless of the access method -- console or telnet.
Actually, this possibly dovetails with Corinna's recent user registry
hive loading functionality.  After the HKCU is loaded, may be
HKCU\Network could be enumerated and any drives found mapped, if not
already so?


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