Automatic Drive Mapping

Jason Tishler
Wed Jun 21 08:49:00 GMT 2000


Chris Faylor wrote:
> I don't understand why mounting and umounting will have any effect on
> a non-cygwin application.

It's not the mounting/umounting that is affecting a non-cygwin app (ie,
javac), it's the lack of a network share (ie, UNC path) being mapped to
a drive letter that is causing the problem.  To be explicit, I will
continue to use Sun's javac as an example.  javac must be rooted from a
drive letter (eg, K:) and not from the corresponding UNC path (eg,
\\cancerman\apps) to function properly.

> Also, if javac is not reacting correctly to UNC paths then have you
> reported this as a bug to Sun?

It appears that this is a known JDK bug that was "supposedly" fixed in
1.2beta3, but is still apparent in 1.2.2.  I guess that I can try

Anyway, what about other native Win32 apps that may have this or
similar UNC problems?


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