Introducing slight binary incompatibility in newer executables?

DJ Delorie
Mon Jun 26 07:58:00 GMT 2000

> IMHO, it is, any cygwin-app that is updated now, will have to have
> the updated cygwin1.dll.  What other changes are you thinking of?

We bump the middle number when the converse is true - when updating
the DLL means you *must* update the cygwin apps also.

All we're doing with this change is the same thing we've been doing
with all our other changes - adding functionality.  This means that
apps built for the new DLL won't work with older DLLs.

If we change or remove functionality, *then* we bump the middle
number, because apps build for the old DLL won't work with the new
DLL.  It's only when backward compatibility is broken do we have to
worry about migration.

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