Introducing slight binary incompatibility in newer executables?

Earnie Boyd
Mon Jun 26 08:37:00 GMT 2000

--- DJ Delorie <> wrote:
> > IMHO, it is, any cygwin-app that is updated now, will have to have
> > the updated cygwin1.dll.  What other changes are you thinking of?
> We bump the middle number when the converse is true - when updating
> the DLL means you *must* update the cygwin apps also.
> All we're doing with this change is the same thing we've been doing
> with all our other changes - adding functionality.  This means that
> apps built for the new DLL won't work with older DLLs.
> If we change or remove functionality, *then* we bump the middle
> number, because apps build for the old DLL won't work with the new
> DLL.  It's only when backward compatibility is broken do we have to
> worry about migration.

Ok.  But, IMO, we need a 1.1.4 before this modification so that we can take
advantage of Corinna's patches for the speed issues of ntsec.  Then 1.1.5 will
contain this modification.


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