winsup.h shrunk, shared.h deleted, many new include files

Chris Faylor
Thu Sep 7 20:01:00 GMT 2000

Anyone who is keeping up to date with the cygwin repository (which is most
of you, right?) has probably noticed that I've broken up the monolithic
header files into individual files.  In the process, I've managed to
(again) eliminate shared.h.  I've also resurrected tty.h for, I believe,
the third time.

DJ and I have been talking about splitting up winsup.h and shared.h for
a while but it took DJ's recent work at streamlining our use of windows
header files to convince me to take this step.

This means that many .cc files in the winsup/cygwin directory now
contain a long list of header files but, hopefully, the header file names
make sense.

There are still some problems with header file ordering that need to be
addressed.  For instance, I don't think that you should have to remember
that you need sigproc.h if you are including pinfo.h.  I'll probably get
to those in the coming weeks.

FWIW, I think that cygwin builds are marginally faster with this new scheme
but maybe that's just wishful thinking.  I'm pretty sure that I noticed a
speed increase after DJ's change, though.


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