winsup.h shrunk, shared.h deleted, many new include files

Egor Duda
Fri Sep 8 02:37:00 GMT 2000


Friday, 08 September, 2000 Chris Faylor wrote:

CF> Anyone who is keeping up to date with the cygwin repository (which is most
CF> of you, right?) has probably noticed that I've broken up the monolithic
CF> header files into individual files.  In the process, I've managed to
CF> (again) eliminate shared.h.  I've also resurrected tty.h for, I believe,
CF> the third time.

CF> DJ and I have been talking about splitting up winsup.h and shared.h for
CF> a while but it took DJ's recent work at streamlining our use of windows
CF> header files to convince me to take this step.

CF> This means that many .cc files in the winsup/cygwin directory now
CF> contain a long list of header files but, hopefully, the header file names
CF> make sense.

i       believe      cygwin/lib/     now   needs
to  include <sys/cygwin.h>  and <cygwin/version.h> headers to compile.
i've sent a patch to cygwin-patches.

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