some header bugs

Charles Wilson
Thu Jan 18 01:38:00 GMT 2001

> Subject: some header bugs
> Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:53:06 -0500
> From: DJ Delorie <>
> To:
> While building some internal Red Hat stuff, I noticed the following:
> In /usr/include/termcap.h, some variables are declared "extern" but
> there's no provision for marking them as dllimport when you link
> against the dll version of the termcap library, which is the default.

But there is no dll version of the termcap library.  So there doesn't
seem to be anything "wrong" with termcap's /usr/include/termcap.h

OTOH, the ncurses packages provides /usr/include/termcapn.h -- soon to
be /usr/include/ncurses/termcap.h -- which *does* provide facilities for
marking exports as dllimport.  But, it is to be used when linking with
-lncurses either statically OR dynamically, when you only want ncurses'
termcap emulation behavior.


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