some header bugs

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jan 19 03:01:00 GMT 2001

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 11:03:13PM -0500, DJ Delorie wrote:
> > It's really not needed anymore since cygwin, like I presume most other
> > "UNIXes" auto-grows its fd table.
> Most unixes use setrlimit() instead.

- I have sent a patch to Chet weeks ago so that bash dosn't rely
  on the setdtablesize return code when compiled for Cygwin. The
  problem is that setdtablesize only exists on some exotic UNIX
  variants (Sequent? I don't know for sure) and Cygwin - there's no
  standard at all.

- I implemented a preliminary version of setrlimit() between Christmas
  and New Year which currently only supports RLIMIT_CORE as parameter.
  I have changed it so that RLIMIT_NOFILE is supported as well now by
  simply calling setdtablesize(). That should solve most of the probs
  since most packages rely in fact on setrlimit before checking for
  setdtablesize (if any).


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