Problems with autoconf-2.52 testsuite using current CVS Cygwin

Charles Wilson
Sat Jul 28 15:56:00 GMT 2001

Excellent sleuthing, Trevor.  Info about possible mktemp implementation 

Trevor wrote:

 > And another part of the problem is Cygwin does not have a mktemp utility.
 > The mktemp is used in preference to mkdir and totally bypasses the 
 > PID and no RANDOM problem highlighted above....
 > So after trying a few different versions of mktemp I found one at
 > . It built cleanly and I must
 > say its "great". I tried it with autoconf and straight away ALL 155 
 > tests passed. Great, but there is still the problem that the directories
 > are not being deleted in the temp dir. :(
 > Note, I think this mktemp needs to be added as a core package.

I've been meaning to contribute my "misc" package for a while (as well 
as putting the code into the cvs-apps repository on sourceware) but have 
never gotten around to it.  "misc" (terrible name; any better 
suggestions?) contains the following:

    * ascii.exe: simple utility for displaying the ASCII character set
     * dump.exe: simple utility for displaying a nicely formatted 
hexdump of a file
     * putclip.exe: copy stdin to the Windows clipboard
     * getclip.exe: copy Windows clipboard to stdout
     * uuencode.exe: encode a file into unambiguous 7bit format
     * uudecode.exe: decode a file encoded by uuencode
     * conv.exe: a utility for converting line endings between DOS and 
UNIX format
     * d2u.exe: a copy of conv.exe which defaults to converting DOS->UNIX
     * u2d.exe: a copy of conv.exe which defaults to converting UNIX->DOS
     * mktemp.exe: make temporary files and directories with unique names

(Actually, I have a few feature requests and bugfixes I need to apply...)

On the down side, I do have this mktemp installed on my development 
machine, but I still saw the errors when running the autoconf test suite 
under cygwin-CVS.  However, I didn't know at the time to check that the 
test suite was actually using it.


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