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> > > Thoughts? I'm a bit hesitant at trying to second guess what
> > > dll's have been implicitly loaded by the Win32System, but if
> > > that information is readily available to cygwin, I'm happy to
> > > code up a iterating dlsym().
> >
> > cygwin keeps a list of DLLs loaded via dlopen.  It could register
> > other modules via dll_entry() but that is not a foolproof method
> > due to load order problems.
> BTW: There's no rush on this for me - it doesn't affect what I'm doing -
> I'm just interested in seeing if I can find a way to provide the unix
> dlsym behaviour. Likewise no-one in userland is complaining about this,
> so I hope it won't suddenly become an issue.
> Hmm. Well it seems to me there are two sets of dlls: implicitly loaded
> dll's that we were linked against, and
> "modules"/"plugins"/whateveryouwanttocallthem that get dlopened.
> Both should behave the same, but the key difference is that implicitly
> loaded dll's should be visible to a dlopen(NULL,);dlsym() combination,
> whereas "modules" will give us access to a path name. Thus tracking via
> dlopen()'s isn't likely to provide a comprehensive list.

Looking at this from the Win32 side of things, perhaps you should look at
the ToolHelp library, in particular CreateToolHelp32Snapshot(),
and Module32Next().

This will give you a list of all modules for the current process. Checking
module handle against the list maintained by cygwin should give the
you need.



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