Sample setup.ini

Michael A. Chase
Sat Jun 30 02:52:00 GMT 2001

I think it would be very useful to get out a version of setup.exe that can
recognize and ignore the new markers in setup.ini ().  That way you could
start including the markers in the production setup.ini before everyone
switches over to a setup.exe that actually uses them.

I am willing to provide an alternate branch to setup.exe if you are
agreeable.  I think it would be enough to start with the currently released
version's source then add the changes to iniparse and inilex with the
functions that process the new markers NOOPed.

I think "Basic" or "Essential" or "Required" would be a better name for the
essential Cygwin packages than "Base".

I think filutils should be in the "Base" category.  People would be very
surprised to find a system without cp, ls, mkdir, mv, and rm,  The
"requires:" marker might avoid that problem though.  If so, several other
packages should probably be in other categories in addition to "Base".

Additional category name suggestions: File Compression, Help, Backup, Image.

Mac :})
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