Sample setup.ini

Robert Collins
Sat Jun 30 05:26:00 GMT 2001

It's easy enough to release a setup.exe built with partial as the default
list display and CATEGORY disabled - only three lines need changing.

That way I don't think a separate branch needs maintaining.

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Subject: Sample setup.ini

> I think it would be very useful to get out a version of setup.exe that can
> recognize and ignore the new markers in setup.ini ().  That way you could
> start including the markers in the production setup.ini before everyone
> switches over to a setup.exe that actually uses them.
> I am willing to provide an alternate branch to setup.exe if you are
> agreeable.  I think it would be enough to start with the currently
> version's source then add the changes to iniparse and inilex with the
> functions that process the new markers NOOPed.
> =======
> I think "Basic" or "Essential" or "Required" would be a better name for
> essential Cygwin packages than "Base".
> I think filutils should be in the "Base" category.  People would be very
> surprised to find a system without cp, ls, mkdir, mv, and rm,  The
> "requires:" marker might avoid that problem though.  If so, several other
> packages should probably be in other categories in addition to "Base".
> =======
> Additional category name suggestions: File Compression, Help, Backup,
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