Am I using dumper.exe correctly?

egor duda
Fri Jan 11 01:34:00 GMT 2002


Friday, 11 January, 2002 Jonathan Kamens wrote:

JK> 1) Build the current CVS repository configured like this:

JK>    CFLAGS="-g -O" configure --enable-threadsafe \
JK>      --enable-extra-threadsafe-checking --enable-debugging \
JK>      --enable-vfork

JK> 2) Install the new-cygwin1.dll built above on our build servers as
JK>    cygwin1.dll.

JK> 3) Put "error_start=c:\cygwin\bin\dumper.exe" in the CYGWIN
JK>    environment variable.

JK> 4) Run builds until we get a coredump.

JK> 5) Debug the coredump with gdb -- "gdb -nw foo.exe foo.exe.core".

can you try "gdb -nw --core=foo.exe.core" in the step 5? what version
of gdb are you using?

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