Am I using dumper.exe correctly?

Jonathan Kamens
Mon Jan 14 10:17:00 GMT 2002

>  Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 10:40:02 +0300
>  From: egor duda <>
>  JK> 1) Build the current CVS repository configured like this:
>  JK>    CFLAGS="-g -O" configure --enable-threadsafe \
>  JK>      --enable-extra-threadsafe-checking --enable-debugging \
>  JK>      --enable-vfork

OK, so I tried reconfiguring without --enable-threadsafe and
--enable-extra-threadsafe-checking.  It's faster, bug gdb still
crashes when I try to use it to look at an exe and core file produced
by dumper.

>  can you try "gdb -nw --core=foo.exe.core" in the step 5?

No, that coredumps too.

>  what version of gdb are you using?

Version 1.3.6-6 of the cygwin package (although I've actually built
the DLL from the repository -- I'm telling you the version of this
package I'm using so you know which dumper.exe I'm using) and version
20010428-3 of the gdb package.

Do I need to update dumper.exe from the current repository along with
cygwin1.dll, or is it safe to use dumper.erxe from the cygwin 1.3.6-6


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