Am I using dumper.exe correctly?

egor duda
Mon Jan 14 11:21:00 GMT 2002


Monday, 14 January, 2002 Jonathan Kamens wrote:

JK> OK, so I tried reconfiguring without --enable-threadsafe and
JK> --enable-extra-threadsafe-checking.  It's faster, bug gdb still
JK> crashes when I try to use it to look at an exe and core file produced
JK> by dumper.

Hmm. Does resulting core dump "looks" ok? it should be elf file of
size 1MB or more. Do i remember correctly that gdb crashes even on
coredump created by simple { int* x=0; *x=1; } program?

>>  can you try "gdb -nw --core=foo.exe.core" in the step 5?

JK> No, that coredumps too.

>>  what version of gdb are you using?

JK> Version 1.3.6-6 of the cygwin package (although I've actually built
JK> the DLL from the repository -- I'm telling you the version of this
JK> package I'm using so you know which dumper.exe I'm using) and version
JK> 20010428-3 of the gdb package.

this should be fine.

JK> Do I need to update dumper.exe from the current repository along with
JK> cygwin1.dll, or is it safe to use dumper.erxe from the cygwin 1.3.6-6
JK> package?

I haven't changed anything in dumper since 1.3.6-6, so it's probably
won't help.

you can wrap dumper.exe into dumper.cmd file and call it with
debugging output to see what's going on.

anyway, i believe that even if dumper creates wrong dump file, gdb
shouldn't crash on it. Is it possible for you to send me by private
mail your foo.exe.core.bz2 (along with debugging output from
dumper.exe, if possible), so i could take a look at them?

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