Sat May 15 03:36:00 GMT 2004

[replying to the list; Mr. Faylor erroneously sent email to me personally,
and I of course know he does not appreciate replies in kind]

I don't understand, Chris.  I made no comment on your communication style,
nor on my willingness to contribute to anything, nor on any plans to
unsubscribe.  My email was directed solely at Brian and his bothersome
posts, patches, etc (pfhht, like I have to tell you what a pain the guy
is!).  I was merely trying to get him off your back so you could get to more
important things.  Such unproductive babbling doesn't just bother you, you
know!  Why heck, you should have *seen* the tantrum that I had all typed up
and ready to send to Brian instead of what I did post!  It was so juvenile
that I was too embarrassed to hit "send"!  One hum-dinger I tell ya!

Anywhoo, I sure hope this clears up any confusion, and that this reply
wasn't too blunt.  Or was overly blunt.  Or was just blunt enough.  Or was
suffering from blunt-force trauma from the blunt end of a blunted blunt

Or at the very least didn't have too fine a point on it.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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