Console codepage setting via chcp?

Andy Koppe
Thu Sep 24 08:14:00 GMT 2009

2009/9/24 Corinna Vinschen:
>> > I'm glad to read that it makes sense to you, though.  If I get more
>> > positive replies, I start coding setfont tomorrow.
>> Good idea, bad name. Unless of course it'll actually be able to change
>> the font as well as the charset. Also, having "console" in the name
>> might stop people from complaining about it not working in other
>> terminals. But then "set_console_charset" is rather a mouthful ...
> Well, chcp is quite cryptic as well and POSIX tools also have a history
> of having snappy names.  So what about:
>  setcons
>  setcset
>  chcs    ;)

Hmm, that last one is rather tempting. :)

On second thoughts, there isn't all that much point in forcing console
in there, since "console", "terminal" and even "shell" get confused a
lot anyway.


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