console vs ^X

Andy Koppe
Tue Sep 29 12:43:00 GMT 2009

2009/9/29 Corinna Vinschen:
> On Sep 29 12:28, Andy Koppe wrote:
>> Trying the latest DLL with Corinna's patches (thanks!), I noticed the
>> following issue in the console.
>> With the charset configured to something other than UTF-8, if you
>> press a key that isn't in that charset, the console will send a
>> ^X-UTF8 sequence. ^X is special to readline though, hence weird
>> effects might ensue.
> On output?

No, on input. For example, invoke the shell with LANG=CP1251, press
'ä', and the console will send ^X followed by the UTF-8 for 'ä' to the


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