codepage:oem doesn't affect forkee

egor duda
Mon Jun 11 13:17:00 GMT 2001


  File APIs mode is currently set during environment parsing. when
process is fork child, current_codepage is taken from parent, but
actual OS File APIs mode is set by default. this patch fixes this.

egor.   icq 5165414 fidonet 2:5020/496.19

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2001-06-12  Egor Duda  <>

	* (set_file_api_mode): New function. Move setting
	of file APIs mode (OEM/ANSI) here.
	(codepage_init): From here.
	* winsup.h (set_file_api_mode): Declare it.
	* (fork_child): Set file APIs mode in forkee.
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