setup.exe remove scripts [Was: Re: experimental texmf packages]

Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Thu Jan 3 04:14:00 GMT 2002

"Robert Collins" <> writes:

> Right, this is now in CVS> Sorry about the muckup.

Ok, thanks, it's there.

How should errors in postinstall scripts be handled?  It is tempting
to replace
    find (cygpath ("/etc/postinstall", 0), run_script_in_etc_postinstall);

with something vaguely like

   for (size_t n = 1; n <= db.packages.number (); n++)
     if (try_run_script ("/etc/postinstall/", name))
       warning ("postinstall of %s failed"
                "please examine or rerun /etc/postinstall/ manually",
                name, name));

But, afaik, there's no need for a package's postinstall script to be
called '<pkg->name>.sh'?  Should/can we enforce something like this?


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