ChangeLog indentation

Wu Yongwei
Tue Apr 9 21:24:00 GMT 2002

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Subject: ChangeLog indentation

> Sorry for disturbing you guys. But for the sake of saving all newbies from
> my troubles, should we state clearly the requirements of ChangeLog? To say
> the truth, I am still a little puzzled. The GNU ChangeLog Standards page
> quoted on does not use any indentation at
> all. And when I browse the ChangeLog on the Cygwin site, I found entries
> with both indentation and not -- the problem with Web page, say,
> but not the ChangeLog itself. But it is still confusing.

I have said clearly that the Web pages do not always have indentation. The ChangeLog FILE is OK.
You are completely right about that, but what I said was that it is CONFUSING. And the quoted
"GNU ChangeLog Standards" do not use indentation, either. Am I not clear enough?

And do you assume everybody has the complete Cygwin source files at hand? Sorry but I don't. I
even can't since I am behind a firewall and can only access the most current files by Web.

And I think it is better to have a more complete patch-writing guidelines than to correct me
again and again. Telling people to "model" just ain't enough. Better documentation and/or
training will do. I have seen enough programmers fail to model good examples.

> And it seems my current mailer does not support inserting TABs.    :-(
> Maybe I need to use others when submitting a patch.

I will use Netscape instead of Outlook Express when submitting a patch. Again, except for your
previous message I see nowhere mentioning the TABs.

Best regards,

Wu Yongwei

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No, you do not find any unindented entries in the ChangeLog.


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