Mount interaction with /dev & /proc entries

Conrad Scott
Mon Jun 17 14:09:00 GMT 2002

"Chris January" <> wrote:
> Well, when I was writing the /proc stuff, I wrote it on the premise
> was an imaginary proc filesystem mounted a /proc. This means if you
> that filesystem won't be mounted at /proc anymore and hence it is
> that /proc doesn't work. i.e. the path handling is done with mount
points in
> mind.

I'm sympathetic to this approach and I realised it was deliberate -- I
should have addressed you directly on this: sorry about that, I
(wrongly) assume that most of the DLL code is the sole interest of the
good folks at RedHat rather than any of the contributors.

Anyhow, I was thinking more that while the mount system is as it is
now (i.e. you've no choice about where the /proc vfs is "mounted"),
it's either going to remain or disappear when someone's chroot'ed.
Since then it can be done "right" at the moment, I thought it would be
better at least to be consistent :-) i.e. make it the same as /dev,
the only other vfs. But since my patch was broken, it's all a bit
academic :-(

> I would argue, as Chris F has suggested above, that this is best
left for
> the re-write of the mount stuff.

I'm happily agreeing with both Chris F and yourself that this is best
left for that re-write, then it can be done "right".


// Conrad

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