[PATCH] performance patch for /proc/registry -- version 2

Joe Buehler jbuehler@hekimian.com
Wed Mar 26 21:47:00 GMT 2003

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> However... am I doing something wrong?  I'm trying to find out what the
> performance improvement is on my XP box and both versions of the DLL
> (w/ and w/o your patch) are running 7.5 minutes for 
>   ls -lR /proc/registry > /dev/null
> Or is that only a problem on older systems?  You're running NT4SP5, right?
> Other than that your patch looks fine.

It may be that XP has the WIN32 API fixed.  The different is drastic
on my NT4 SP5 box.  You can see the difference just by doing
ls -l /proc/registry/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.  With patch comes back instantly,
without you have to sit and wait.
Joe Buehler

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