WinAPI compiling

Tue Apr 8 11:52:00 GMT 1997

I think you're trying to do everything at once, using gcc as the linker,
the actual option you need is -Wl,--subsystem,windows on the gcc command
line, or if you are linking as a separate step just --subsystem windows on
the ld command line.

> I've read the faq, and tried browsing around to try and solve my
> problem, but as of yet, havn't got an answer, and so I hope someone here
> can help.
> I'm trying to compile a Windows GUI based program, but GCC doesn't
> like compiling it.
> I've tried adding '-ssubsystem windows' to the command line (as is in
> the FAQ), but GCC complains that :
> GCC.EXE: windows: No such file or directory
> GCC.EXE: unrecognized option '-ssubsystem'
> And I then tried '--subsystem windows' and got
> GCC.EXE: windows: No such file or directory
> GCC.EXE: Invalid option '-fsubsystem'.
> I tried taking these options out all together, but then it doesn't know
> what lib's to use, and so i'm totally stuck... Can anyone please help me
> out on what the gcc command line should read to happily compile and link
> a native gui app?
>   Cheers
>     Dave
> P.S.  Is there a doc file anywhere explaining what all the different
> libs are for?

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