libglut.a : Where can I get it?

Paul Garceau
Fri Sep 4 03:17:00 GMT 1998

Hi folks,

On 2 Sep 98, at 9:53, the Illustrious Jerry Oh wrote:

> Hi!
> I am trying to build a program with openGL + glut + xforms
> under Win/NT with cygnus19.1.

	Is xforms a type of X-Window?  If so, you probably already have an X-
Server/Client setup.  If you don't have X-Server/Client capability, you may 
have to create the Glut libs based on the Win32 version of the lib packages in 

> I tried to import libglut.a from glut32.dll using dlltool.
> But, I failed. Compiling and linking were good. But, execution error
> occurred.

	This is likely due to the fact that the MS OpenGL .dlls are incompatible 
with the SGI .dlls, regardless of library origin.

	The site has references to Glut for several different 
platforms (see ).

	There is also beta source code available for the Glut (3.7) lib from .

	Bear in mind that Glut 3.7beta was primarily set up for Unix based 
platforms.  There is a reference for Win95/NT machines.  You may have to 
turn your platform into a UWIN platform to get the Glut lib to build properly 
under Cygnus.

	The Win95/NT version of Glut 3.7(beta) is MSVC specific and will 
probably not build properly under Cygwin32.  Not because of Cygwin32, but 
because of heavy dependency on the MSVC specific calls which are included 
with the Win95/NT source, such as ftime().

	Another option, and again, this is only a suggestion, you could download 
the latest Mesa 3-D Graphics Library release (version 2.6) and attempt to 
build only the glut lib (for Cygnus) from the source included with Mesa 3D 
Graphics Library.

	The beta version (3.08 -- Cygnus) of the Mesa 3D Graphics Library is 
available at:

	Caveat:  The overhead of Mesa is huge, and according to some sources, 
the completed glut lib from Mesa may actually degrade your system during 
runtime.  If you are only wanting the Glut lib, you may be better served to go 
with beta 3.7.

	Hope this helps.


		Paul G.

Information Systems Consultant
NewDawn Productions
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