egcs-1.1 binary release timeframe

Mumit Khan
Tue Sep 1 17:58:00 GMT 1998

Now that egcs-1.1 is out, I expect to get a binary release for cygwin32
and mingw32 out within a few days. The time to the binary release mostly
depends on how long the testsuite takes to run and then do the packaging.

This is what you can expect:
  - egcs-1.1 binary release (stock egcs-1.1 + local patches) 
  - binutils-980830 

for mingw32,
  - updated mingw headers. Nothing major, mostly bug fixes
  - updated windows32api headers. Mostly from net contributions posted to
    the gnu-win32 list.

If the testing goes well, expect the binary release this weekend. If it
doesn't go well, or I get really busy with reality, then who knows ...


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