Cygwin newbie questions

Jeff Sturm
Sat Sep 12 11:58:00 GMT 1998

Steve Grubbs wrote:
> 1) At my new job, I'm working under WinNT, but we use good ol' CVS for revision
> control (archive is on a Unix box). I don't really know the source of the "cvs"
> executable (our 2 main sysadmins just left within 2 weeks, so nobody I've asked
> really knows where they came from). The problem is that it doesn't work under
> cygwin. It works fine from a cmd prompt, but if I run it from cygwin, I get no
> output. I don't get "command not found", I just get nothing. Any ideas what's up
> with this?
> BTW, I test this with safe cvs commands like "cvs -v", which should work even if
> cvs settings were messed up.

Hi Steve,

We use CVS over NT extensively.  After trying the several command-line
tools available from (and pulling out much hair dealing
with buggy CRLF translations) I found that compiling CVS from scratch
under cygwin32 is by far the best option.  For CVS use alone I have
installed a subset of cygwin32 on over a dozen workstations at our
site.  You can get the same at
if you happen to need a scaled-down cygwin32 package for CVS use.

> 2) One thought I had was to download cvs source and compile it under cygwin.
> When I try to run "configure", though, I get "bash: ./configure: No such file or
> directory". But configure IS there.... What's up with that? Does configure not
> work? Do I just have to edit the Makefile myself?

CVS *does* compile out-of-the-box on gnu-win32.  Chances are the
configure script is looking for /bin/sh.  Do you have a mount under
/bin?  I use:

    mount -b C:/Cygnus/B19/bin /bin

so that tools hardwired for /bin/sh will work.

Also, CVS *requires* binary mounts.  All of my mounts are in binary
mode, plus I use binmode in my CYGWIN32 variable.

> 3) FTP hangs from cygwin. I assume its calling the WinNT ftp. Does this just not
> work? Do I need to get a different ftp for cygwin?

This is a known problem; I think it was solved with on of the updates. 
I'd suggest getting Sergey's coolview package from (it has an updated
cygwinb19.dll) and enabling binmode and tty in your CYGWIN32 variable.

Also on Sergey's site is an inetutils package with cygwin32-native ftp
and telnet clients, among other things.

(Note that the cygcvs package on my site already has a recently-patched
cygwinb19.dll, plus CVS binaries and installation suggestions.)

Jeff Sturm
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