Remote tar

Stephen Vance
Mon Sep 21 22:08:00 GMT 1998

I have been trying to use the Cygwin tar to backup remotely to a tape
drive on a Linux host, but get error messages that the remote host or
device can't be found.  I have verified that I can rsh to the Linux box,
although the rsh being used is the WinNT version.  I have also used the
Linux tar on the machines other boot personality successfully to backup
up remotely.

I stopped short of installing ssh and trying to use it as the
--rsh-program, although I did explicitly specify the WinNT version with
no different behavior.

Does anyone know why this doesn't work?  Current theories are:

1)  WinNT rsh does not supply the necessary piping functionality for the
rmt interface.
2)  The binary open issue is rearing its ugly head yet again.
3)  This functionality has never been tested or explicitly ported under

For reference, the command being used is

tar cvf kat:/dev/st0 .

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