another possible bug.

Jason Lashua
Wed Feb 3 04:46:00 GMT 1999

   Ok, i have discovered why half the programs i compile suddenly stop
working after they're copied!

the whole files arent being copied!

the compiler works beautifuly after all, but when i cp a file, only a
fractino of its contents usually gets copied, since i re installed
cygnus after really screwing it up (moved path names into a more *nix
structre broke it :P) i compiled make-3.77
now the EXE worked fine in the build dir, but when i copied it to
/cygwin-b20/h-i586-cygwin32/bin, it didnt work, and i was really
puzzled, until i did ls -l, and found that the exe was only 4,999
i went back in the /usr/src/make-3.77 directory and ran ls -l, and the
file size of make.exe was 651,788 !

So, not only is cygnus clipping strings, but tis not copying full
files.  if someone else has ever had a similar problem, its probably
that, unless my system is REALLY messed up =)

So, this will put an end to the last post i sent, its figgured out. now
how to solve it ? =/

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