Xarm-1.3.0 for Cygwin-B20

Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Thu Feb 4 15:17:00 GMT 1999

I have a set of latest release of Xarm 1.3.0 for Cygnus Cygwin-B20.
It was compiled with LessTif 0.87.1 and X11R6.4 libraries.
Anyone interested, I am willing to share the precompiled Xarm and Xmext
for Cygwin-B20.
Here are the details for Xarm.  It is a good library for MOTIF
and can be of use to Cygwin-MOTIF/C++ developers on Windows NT.


The Xarm library is a C++ wrapper of the Motif, Xmext and Xbae

widget libraries.

It supports Motif 1.2, 2.0, LessTiff and CDE.

Key features of Xarm include:

* An inheritance hierarchy that follows the Motif widget


* A unique callback interface that allows regular C++

member functions to be used as callbacks.

* A C++ interface to the Xt Arg system that frees the

programmer from bugs where XtSetArg(args[17], ...)

is called on an arg array 16 elements long. XarmArg's

are stored in an STL vector for automatic sizing.

* Support for the Xbae Matrix and Caption widgets on systems

where libXbae is installed. The Xbae library is also

available from the Xarm Home Page.

* Several useful widgets in the included Xmext library including

Tab, Dial, Gauge (progress bar), and a Password Field


* Built-in support for Xpm files. Xpm files may be used

as Pixmap resources in app-defaults files!

* Automatic handling of the conversion to/from XmString's

from regular C/C++ char *'s.

* Tried and tested in free, Commercial and Government software


The Xarm Home Page is at: http://www.shinbiro.com/~glgay/

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