Here documents in ash shell scripts mess up stdin on 9x

Christopher Faylor
Sat Feb 13 13:41:00 GMT 1999

On Sat, Feb 13, 1999 at 01:19:17AM +0000, Mikey wrote:
>Yes, ash on 9x is much more stable (and faster :) running configure
>than bash.  On 95a linking /bin/sh -> bash.exe will cause lockups, even
>with CYGWIN= tty or at least it did for me with b19, your mileage may
>Do not use the b20 ash, recompile the one from b19, the b20 ash has
>several serious bugs, and someone is trying to add features, that are
>not needed, for a non-login shell.
>The main problem is that once ash exits after running configure if you
>continue to use that login shell and a non cygwin app segfaults in it,
>you can have hard lockups.
>Can you say reset-button?  I knew you could ;^)

FYI, the B20 version of ASH has a number of bug fixes over the B19
version.  If there are specific problems that people would like to
submit fixes for, we'd be happy to apply them.

Also, FYI, the ash that we're using comes from Debian.

So far a number of the problems that I've seen have been complaints that
ash doesn't work like bash.  That's exactly right.  Ash is meant to
emulate /bin/sh.  /bin/sh != bash.

Pointing out that ash has "several serious bugs" does not really give
us enough information to work with.


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