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Don Sharp
Sun Feb 28 23:02:00 GMT 1999

Suhaib M. Siddiqi wrote:
> ->
> >we at the University of Bergen in Norway are developing free software for
> >seismology. Until now, we had to make different graphics for PC and Unix,
> >but using cygwin and x11 it might be possible to just have one version.
> >
> >The only limitation seems to be the availibilty of free X server software.
> >I have tested the MIX, but it does not seem stable enough. Good products
> >are Reflection X, but of course we need something that we can distribute
> >with our software for free.
> MIX is X11R5 compliant only (for Windows).  The available libraries for
> Cygwin are X11R6.x  Could this be your problem of unstability?  Beside MIX
> can emulate only 256 colors max.  After all MIX is free and you get what you
> pay for.

I had heard that the source for the MiX server was to be placed
in the public domain. Has anyone heard anything further on this
score? I am
certainly hoping that it happens. I would be surprised if its
usability didn't improve by leaps and bounds if it was placed in
the public domain.

> I do not think there is any good X-Server available for free.  The cheapest
> good X-Servers are Starnet's X-Server (approx. US $ 200 for commercial and
> much cheaper for educational institutions).  Sun's Network Client 3.2 is
> also not bad in price is costs under $300 for commercial users.
> I had problems even with the above mentioned servers because OpenGL/GLX
> ported application does not work properly under Startnet and Sun's
> x-servers, perhasp because they are not OpenGL compliant.
> Regards
> Suhaib
> >
> >Does anyone know about a good free X server ???
> >
> >
> >Lars
> >
> >
> >
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