[ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Sun Mar 7 11:10:00 GMT 1999

Hi DJ,

>> and all the other ports available at ftp.franken.de
>Warning: I've not seen full sources on ftp.franken.de, which is a
>violation of the GPL.  You'll have to get the sources those packages

Really? I thought, a pointer to the location of the sources would be
sufficient!?! Besides that IMHO you have to provide the sources *on*
*request*! For many of the packages there are in fact also source
packages in the same directory - there are no sources on ftp.franken.de
for packages, where the orginal source package has been used without
modifications. In this case there is only a pointer to a location, where
you can get the sources.
If not, please tell me, what I have to do to fullfill the GPL! There was
no intention to violate it.


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