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Sat Mar 13 16:36:00 GMT 1999

                                    March 13th, 1999

All right, thanks everyone for the feedback.  Yes, the problem with "find"
was just that my path found the dos version first.  Following, Henry's
suggesion, I changed this to gfind, and this has fixed the problem

As regards job control, please disregard my previous message.  The BASH
shell "fg", "bg" and "jobs" commands all seem to work fine, and I have no
complaints except that my Ctrl-Z suspension doesn't work.

Concerning the Ksh, it is actually pretty important that I get this one
working today.  Corinna has suggested that I may have my Cygwin package
installed improperly, but I do not think this is the case:

    *The Cygwin directory is "cygwin" from the root.
    *I've kept the original directory structure intact(yes, even the
"H-i586-cygwin32" ones)
    *The sh.exe and cygwin1.dll files have been copied to the "/bin"
    *My autoexec.bat file includes the Cygwin Binary
directory(C:\cygwin\H-i586-cygwin32\bin\) in the path.
        (I just found out yesterday that using %PATH% in this file can cause
some major memory problems. . . Does anyone else know more about this?}
    *Autoexec.bat also adds the following line:"set TERM=CYGWIN"
    *The config.sys file has the following line: "SHELL=C:\
/e:4096 /p"

I added the config.sys line, due to the "out of environment space" error
Should the SHELL variable here be /bin/sh.exe instead?

I also have to learn NT and MS SQL in the next week before I start work.
Wish me luck.

Peace to you all.

                                     David L. Painter
                                     ph: (559) 292-5366 * 3
                                     fax:(559) 292-0410

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