Compiling Gnome project

Sebastien Carpe
Tue Mar 16 07:56:00 GMT 1999

Well, now that i have a cvs under cygwin that can cross my http proxy, i just
want to compile the whole gnome-devel thingy... Yet, i still have one main
problem : the shared library question. i did 'configure' and 'make' on glib and
everything works fine, exept that testgmodule doesn't work and shared libraries
are not built; I'm looking for someone that have some sort of experience with
this, and can tell me how i an trick the configure process and the automake
stuff to make things work fine. I'm sure the Gnome/gtk guys won't be against
introducing patch to allow cygwin shared compiling.
Any help, any track any clue are welcome.


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