Hmmm, dllcrt0.o not found

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Tim Baker <> writes:
> The gcc "specs" file for B20.1 is looking for a file dllcrt0.o,
> but I have no such file! I saw in the mailing list archive that
> someone else had the same problem. I have dllcrt1.o and
> dllcrt2.o, but they seem to be for Mingw32?! Can someone
> send me dllcrt0.o (or tell me where to get it?). I am trying
> to link a "cygwin" DLL.
> *startfile: %{mdll: %{!mno-cygwin:dllcrt0%O%s}

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the bug report. I'm without a copy of the sources right now,
but the *startfile entry looks incorrect! The %{!mno-cygwin:dllcrt0%O%s}
should not be there, so you should just remove it (just don't break any
lines etc, otherwise the specs parser would choke) and try it.

Cygwin doesn't need a dllcrt?.o when creating DLLs. BTW, until DJ's
work on ld is released, dllwrap is a good way to create DLLs without
mucking with the setup. See my dllhelpers package for examples
( and scan for
"howto create DLLs ...").


ps: I've changed the list address to the new one from

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